Stress and modern life

In recent decades, the advent of electricity and technological innovations has brought profound changes to human life. We have progressed from a purely physical lifestyle to one in which physical exertion is of ever decreasing relevance, whilst intellectual work, memory and concentration are increasingly necessary and important. This applies not only to working people, but also to students and the elderly, who are constantly exposed to “modern” stimuli.

Our daily activities keep our nervous systems continually on edge, primed to respond to stimuli and take in information from innumerable external sources, both in terms of sound (ringing telephones and mobiles, traffic noise, building sites, sirens, etc.) and vision (traffic lights, computer/ cell phone/ television/ advertising screens, etc…). It brings it home how modern life constantly puts our adaptive capabilities to the test, and how difficult situations create physical and nervous stress, which can translate into unstable behaviour and general anxiety.

Adapting to modern life means having a varied and balanced diet and maintaining an intake of the nutrients which can help us to face up to the specific demands of the world we live in.

Garum Armoricum and Magnesium
The sea fish autolysate Garum Armoricum and Magnesium are substances which address these needs perfectly.

A potted history of fish autolysates
Fish autolysates were heavily used by the Celts and the Romans. The Celts were using them even prior to the Roman conquest, as tonics as much as for medicinal purposes. The Romans brought autolysates to Rome which had been produced in Brittany, and their use was confined to the aristocratic elite, VIPs, public orators, athletes, gladiators and legionaries (especially before long marches, as a boost for their stamina), children and the elderly. This shows that fish autolysate was one of the most highly prized of nutrients.

The properties of Garum Armoricum

The autolysate Garum Armoricum is derived from wild sea fish. Autolysis is a natural process which works through the digestion of the organic matter by the fish’s own naturally occurring enzymes. The organic material which results is broken down into its basic constituents which can then be taken up directly by our digestive system.

Garum Armoricum contains high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids from the omega-3 series and DHA (which some fish obtain directly from plankton). These fats comprise the majority of the lipids occurring in the autolysate. It is also worth noting that the autolysate Garum Armoricum has a high omega-6, peptide and polypeptide content.

The properties of Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral which is extremely important for the balance of our system, in which it has a wide range of roles. It is important for the formation of bones and teeth, and crucial for the balance of our nervous system and for transmitting electrical stimuli. This is why the required daily intake of magnesium is higher for people who are under physical and/or mental stress, for those with excessive alcohol or cigarette consumption, and for people taking laxatives and diuretics. It is increasingly important to supplement our diet with magnesium, due to the deterioration in soil quality.
Numerous scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the fundamental change which takes place in our cells as a response to stress consists of a lowering of the magnesium:calcium ratio, due to a sudden influx of calcium into the cells.

It has also been shown that responses to stress tail off when magnesium levels recover their usual pre-eminence within our cells, the excess calcium subsides and the Mg:Ca balance returns to normal.


The properties of Garum Armoricum and Magnesium enable Clavis Harmoniae to:

  • regulate and harmonise the electrical stimuli and the traffic in the nervous system, and enhance mental poise;
  • help maintain mental balance through the anti-stress action created by the synergy between Garum Armoricum and Magnesium.

Clavis Harmoniae can therefore lay the foundations for a better nervous and psychological balance. Taking Clavis Harmoniae helps us rediscover wellbeing and boosts our capacity to adapt to the outside world, by reducing stress and anxiety, and by enhancing our memory and mental effectiveness, and giving us greater control of our own behaviour.

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