Stress is a state of tension which arises in our system when we are subject to negative physical or emotional stimuli. It therefore involves us STRAINING to adapt to conditions or situations which are particularly inconducive to our wellbeing.

Stress causes both physical and mental reactions, such as tiredness, sleep disturbance, concentration problems, anxiety and fatigue. Prolonged exposure to stressful situations increases the risk of physical illness.

Clearly, then, the process of interacting with our environment needs to be positive, as otherwise it will become a major source of strain (i.e. stress) as we try to adapt. We can see that stress responses may be triggered both by physical/ chemical stimuli and by emotional situations; the resulting process of adaptation will then involve both our physical and our mental sides. The reaction to a stressful stimulus is therefore an adaptive response.

By coming to the aid of our nervous system, Clavis Harmoniae (literally “the key to harmony”) gives our whole being a shot in the arm. This helps us to deal better with stimuli and the symptoms of stress (tiredness, difficulty in concentrating, anxiety and fatigue), to improve the way we handle tension, and to reduce the physical and mental strain involved in adapting to new situations.

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